Our strength is in our tailor-made solutions.

Production is at the heart of our company. We are contract manufacturers, specialised in household detergents. Every day, working alongside major multinationals and the Italian large-scale retail trade, we prove that our goal is to assist our customers in the most crucial parts of their business: from R&D to mixing, filling and packaging finished products.

Mixing and packaging technologies

More than 20 years of experience have enabled us to become an important partner for leading multinationals, showing our great professionalism and reliability by using the best filling and mixing technologies. Currently, our technologies allow us to produce water-soluble film liquid mono-doses, air fresheners, drawer fresheners, cupboard fresheners, vacuum cleaner fresheners, solid and liquid toilet blocks, a complete line of dishwasher products, moisture-absorber granules and insect baits for the Medical-Surgical Devices area. Our workload, distributed throughout our highly flexible production lines, requires 15-20 shifts a week.

Our production lines are as follows:

Liquid detergents

Automated liquid mixing and filling line in various sizes from 200 ml - 1000 ml.

Toilet blocks

Automated high-speed line for mixing, extruding and packaging mono-extruded and co-extruded toilet blocks. A complete line with two injection-moulding presses for moulding cages, handling boxes in various sizes and preparing mixed cases.

Air fresheners

Automated mixing and filling lines for membrane deodorants (peelable or water-soluble) based on 'form, fill & seal' technology.

Drawer fresheners

Automated line for packaging scented sachets for drawers and cupboards, also fully equipped for mixing scent pearls. Management of reels of non-woven fabric, as well as blank flow-pack application or customised as required. Management of boxes, ribbons and mixed cases.


Automated lines for mixing and filling powders, either by filling non-woven fabric sachets or ALU film pouches, both from a reel.

Water-soluble mono-doses

A high-speed automated line for producing water-soluble mono-doses using Cloud-based technology.

Baits for cockroaches and ants

An automated line for packaging baits for cockroaches and ants, installed in the Medical-Surgical Devices department. Form, fill and seal technology with a dedicated and adequately protected mixing department.

Moisture-absorber granules

Automated lines for powder filling by means of filling ALU film pouches or plastic devices, and management of calcium salt big bags.

Blister packs

Semi-automatic blister pack lines for handling large/medium/small sizes in plastic/plastic, plastic/paper and paper/paper.

Sophisticated packaging technology


Promotional activities

Thanks to a precise business model, semi-automatic production lines and highly specialised staff, we can offer our customers a complete range of promotional formats such as co-packing, display set-ups, mixed cases or the production of unconventional packaging.



With a warehouse capacity of over 6,000 square metres and about 8,000 pallets of raw materials and finished products, where items are coded and stored, we can provide our customers with an all-round service. We strive to ensure the best performance in terms of speed and flexibility, adopting just-in-time processes to reduce lead times.