Packaging Imolese ScpA - seclami

The secret does not lie in the solution but
in the process that engaged the mind

Caring for the environment and for personal beauty involves increasingly careful and targeted daily gestures.

Cleaning has become a real trend: nowadays, we all want our surroundings to be immaculate and cleaning experts, from their high profiles with millions of followers, suggest how we can do it.

For our part, we try to increasingly innovate our formulas and products in order to meet all market demands in the most effective way.

Our R&D team develops the best possible solutions by working closely with all in-house departments to ensure customer satisfaction.

Every day, we strive to transform ideas and requests into industrial products and processes, always putting customers and consumers’ needs first while maintaining the highest QA standards.

We have a modern, fully equipped R&D department, where we carry out all the research and tests required to develop new products.

  • Certified raw materials
  • Control of product release into production
  • Control and analysis of semi-finished and finished products
  • Microbiological and bacterial load analysis
  • In-house development of new product formulas