Pachacing Imolesa azienda

The solution, together

We offer you our best-in-class quality production and technological flexibility,
coordinated by our R&D team in order to develop your product.

There is always a solution for everything!

For us, beauty and cleanliness are a way of life, based on a philosophy of well-being centred on a passion for looking after ourselves and our surroundings. We have been in this business for more than 20 years and have always found the right solution for leading multinationals, proving our reliability and professionalism.

Long-standing experience

For many years, we have been working in the field of mixing, filling and packaging liquids, deodorants and powders for home and personal care, working with major national and international companies.

Detergents and Cosmetics

In creating our two divisions, Detergents and Cosmetics, we have further expanded and diversified our offer and can now provide a range of fully customised products and processes.

Customisable solutions

We not only design products but also create graphics, print packaging, purchase and supply raw materials and packaging. In addition, we design and produce samples, display stands and all types of promotional set-ups.

Strategic Areas

Dishwasher gel
Dishwasher additives
Toilet blocks
Washing machine cleaners
Washing machine detergents

Liquid soap
Shower gel
Body wash
Hydro-alcoholic hand gel


We aim to be the best production partner for multinational consumer goods companies and retail chains in the home and personal care products sector.

We work alongside our customers, supporting and accompanying them in their expansion by offering:

  • the highest levels of service and product quality
  • highly competitive prices
  • speed and flexibility in implementing new projects
  • an innovative contribution to product design

Our certified management model guarantees the level and quality of the service, the products and the technical and commercial relations that we manage for all our customer companies, suppliers and consumers.

Beauty and cleanliness in everyday life

Our values,
your loyalty


Since its birth, Packaging Imolese has based its growth on key values such as fairness and transparency in relationships, as well as seriousness and professionalism with regard to customers, suppliers and employees.

Over the years, Packaging Imolese has made these values the foundation on which to base its professional ethics and business style.


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